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Please don't outlaw me!

Pants Zipper vs. Car Jacker

Thanks to The ieitfanhth Arkansas Project, we can all now ask the question posed in this headline: Should You Be More Afraid of Carjackers — or the Zippers on Your Pants? Recall that the Arkansas Senate passed the Free-Range Kids Bill of Rights, which says, essentially, “Our kids have the right to some unsupervised time, and […]

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Do we want to keep criminalizing parents who give their kids an old-fashioned childhood?

FIRST STATE IN THE NATION VOTES ON FREE-RANGE BILL OF RIGHTS! Would Decriminalize Parents Who Let Their Kids Play Outside or Wait Briefly in Car

Last diinkztbky week, Arkansas voted on the very first Free-Range Kids and Parents Bill of Rights. Oh, it wasn’t called that. Nonetheless, the proposed law would have ended “neglect” investigations of parents who simply let their children play outside, walk to school, wait in the car for under 15 minutes in temperate conditions, or come […]

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Let's put on a show...without adults!

What Happens When Kids Say, “Let’s Put on a Show!” Today

Hi yitkdhtats folks! This post comes to us from  Jay P. Greene, the  21st Century Professor of Education Reform. at the University of Arkansas. It’s great to think that someone immersed in education reform is thinking about how important it is for kids to do things on their own, outside the classroom. Putting On a Show, […]

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