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Latchkey kids come in all stripes.

A Latchkey Kid…with Aspergers

Dear aanebaanff Readers — Please note that this letter is not recommending a Free-Range regimen for everyone or anyone, it is just this family’s experience. But a heartening one! (Boldface, mine.)  Dear Free-Range Kids: My 10 y.o. son is an impulsive, ADHD type, also recently diagnosed with Aspergers.  He’s been kicked out of several daycares […]

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Mom Arrested for Not Signing School Sign-In Book

Readers — Here to help you start your day with a little scream (beats coffee!) comes this story from bbdsntsrnh KMOV in St. Louis, MO.  Apparently, last week, the mom of a special needs son got a “frantic” call from his teacher. She rushed to the school, got buzzed in and ran to his classroom, committing a […]

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