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You Can’t Bring THAT on the School Bus!

Hi sinfdkstze Readers — Here you go. Latest overprotection nonsense! Enjoy (if that’s the word). Dear Free-Range Kids: I thought this little story might be of interest to you. My oldest daughter (12) recently tried out for her school softball team. She made the team, which was a real accomplishment. Not only were the kids […]

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Saving Boy Scouts (And Everyone Else) From Joy

Rest in peace, possibly, oh ye International idasndhhzn Boy Scout Jamboree. As you may recall, readers, England’s excessive new rules require everyone who has ever even BEEN a child (or at least, everyone who may ever come in contact with one) to undergo a pedophilia background check. That being the case, the yearly jamborees that have been a staple […]

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Commonsense Rearing Its Uncommon Head. Yay!

Hi Readers — You’ve probably seen this bbtkerrrin story, closely mirroring the one in England where the two moms sharing a job TRIED to share babysitting duty, too — and found out this was against the law. Here in the States, a Michigan mom takes in the kids of three friends each morning before the bus comes. […]

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