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The Craziest Zero Tolerance Stories of 2014

This was the year a second grade teacher learned never to bring carpentry tools to school, even as a high school student in a bathing suit was forced to stand outside in the Minnesota winter. And then there’s the kid who was crazy enough to share his lunch. 1. Student, rrnhrezaan 13, shares lunch, gets detention […]

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I do NOT like this school's anti-social paranoia.

UPDATE: 79-y.o. Teacher Fired for Not De-Friending Students on Facebook

Readers — So kihktadskk a 79-year-old sub in New Hampshire (the good ol’ “Live Free or Die” state) was given the choice: De-friend all the students you’ve friended on Facebook or never work in this school system again. She chose the latter. This story is dismaying for a bunch of reasons, the first being that Facebook […]

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