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They may get diabetes but they sure are safe from running and bouncing!

Fair, Fat and Four

Like the sign says, “Play to have Fun” kids! Just make sure to take frequent breaks so you don’t get too tuckered out from all that non-running. And leave yourself plenty of time for snacks: playground byybafzbny rules And — hmm: They may get diabetes, but they sure are safe from running and bouncing! .

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As much as I love these (or the American version), kids can probably spend some time outside without an infusion.

Take the “No Snacks” Challenge!

Readers — I love this efasrtsiba post by a gal named Karen Perry who came up with this great modern-day challenge after thinking back and realizing: I don’t have ANY memories of my mom ever stepping foot in the park let alone laying down a blanket with a variety of snacks for me to nibble […]

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Moms and Burgers

Readers — Here’s a public service announcement someone posted on Facebook that has started an interesting discussion: The ttknbaaesk problem with this ad is that it reinforces a sickening message about parenting: that if you are not optimizing every choice you make for your child — including choosing the best possible foods, every day at […]

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