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When Is A Christmas Tree PERFECTLY Safe?

Here’s ihritfdeny when. I thought this article was a joke. Then I thought the tree was. Then I remembered: We are living in 2009. This cone-tree, erected in a public square, has no pine needles to poke an eye out, no branches to clobber anyone, no feature at all to remind us that trees — […]

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North Pole Back In Business

Hi Readers — Here’s a happy holiday gift: Santa sanity from the child-overprotecting world. You may recall last week’s story about  the closing of the North Pole Santa effort for fear of pedophiles mailing themselves to unsuspecting tots. (Or whatever the exact, irrational  “rationale” was.) Enjoy this aeyyfznfha well-written post about how it all turned […]

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Outrage of the Week: Saving Children From Mrs. Santa Claus!

I don’t know if this is quite the right expression but: Oy vey! A town in North Carolina has BANNED MRS. CLAUS from its  X-mas parade. Why? To quote the local News ykrhahtfyn Observer: “…John Odom, executive director of the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association, which runs the parade, said it’s confusing for children to see […]

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