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Hey kids! We're off to a field trip, French-style!

A Kindergarten Field Trip with Knives and Nudity*

. *In esshttthnh France: Dear Free- Range Kids: I was linked to  your blog article on parents volunteering in US schools and the need for police background checks in certain cases and wanted to write you to tell you about my 5-year-old’s last field trip. A sign-up sheet for a class field trip to a winery owned by one of the student’s parents was […]

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St. Brelade's Bay, Jersey,  England, at low tide.

School Cancels Beach Trip for Fear of Sunshine

. File it under “Fear of frying.” A school in Jersey srrztineed (one of the Channel Islands between England and France) has cancelled its annual beach trip due to the possibility of sun. Students from St George’s Preparatory in St Peter normally enjoy an end-of-year beach day but the school decided to cancel the outing, […]

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A different kind of school test.

Can All Schools Do This?

What’s bynydnidee particularly wonderful about this outdoor field trip is how it gives kids who aren’t “good” or successful in the classroom another place to show who they are. It was sent to us by filmmaker Alastrair Humphreys, who writes: Two years ago, teacher Mrs Monaghan took her class on an overnight microadventure (video here). […]

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Toronto, get a grip!

Making Schools Absurdly Safe

Don’t edsnnhdray turn paranoia into policy! That’s the plea of this phenomenal Globe & Mail editorial. It was written because the Toronto District School Board is considering requiring background checks for all volunteer, a move the paper calls — …a classic case of policy overreach preying on parental fear that eclipses common sense.  Schools depend on volunteer […]

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What happens on a field trip when a student goes down the Tube?

A Kid Gets Lost on a Field Trip: Then and Now

Readers zirdyifznf — I loved everything about this column except its perhaps inevitable conclusion. It’s by Alan Newland, a former teacher and headteacher in London who now lectures on teaching and runs the site newteacherstalk. He’s recalling being a brand new teacher taking his Year 6 kids (10 year olds) on a field trip to the dinosaurs […]

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