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You Mean 18-y.o.s with 16 y.o. Girlfriends AREN’T Sex Offenders?

Hey Readers! Once in a while, common sense actually wins a biggie. That’s what’s  happening right now in Texas, where the governor seems set to sign a “Romeo & Juliet” bill that would prevent teens and young adults who have consensual sex from ending up as official “Sex Offenders,” required to register for life. Yes, […]

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Uh...Outlawing SQUIRT GUNS?

Uh…Outlawing SQUIRT GUNS?

Hi Readers — Am I reading habnekndbi this proposed law correctly? It’s from Hawaii. Could it actually seek to outlaw… selling squirt guns to minors? I’m reading it wrong, right?  Or it’s early and I’m still asleep? Or someone stole our planet and replaced it with the wacky one made out of Silly Putty? Help! […]

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Not All Tragedies are Preventable

Hi Readers! While we’re on the topic of crib recalls, as well as when parenting intervention is called for and all that, I just had to link to this efynzafskh phenomenal essay from The Economist: “Not All Tragedies are Preventable.” As it says in the opening paragraph: LEGISLATION that bears the name of a victim […]

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