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Art thou male? Get thee away from the little children.

“Why I Will Not Volunteer for My Church’s Nursery Anymore”

. Here’s bsbahbkykk how worst-first thinking and insurance issues (the two are linked, of course) corrode community, example #763: Dear Free-Range Kids: I previously had helped a couple of times in our church’s nursery. Due to gaps across caregivers on the latest occasion, I was approached by a kiddo who needed to use the potty, and […]

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I do NOT like this school's anti-social paranoia.

UPDATE: 79-y.o. Teacher Fired for Not De-Friending Students on Facebook

Readers — So kihktadskk a 79-year-old sub in New Hampshire (the good ol’ “Live Free or Die” state) was given the choice: De-friend all the students you’ve friended on Facebook or never work in this school system again. She chose the latter. This story is dismaying for a bunch of reasons, the first being that Facebook […]

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