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Watch out for monsters...and schools that encourage hypersensitivity.

Preschool Bans Cartoon Monster Pants as “Too Scary”

From our friends in England where the collective upper lip is not quite as stiff as it once was, comes tale of a preschooler who was barred from wearing a certain pair of cute pants because of the cartoon monsters on them. Apparently another child had found them too scary. Scarier than a school banning […]

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Monsters contemplating their fate. (Actually "Gonks," which seem to be the British equivalent of America's trolls. The fun ones. Not the ones on blogs.)

Get Ready for a Truly Pleasurable (And Quick!) Cry

. After arnhsybeki I read this poem that came to my inbox yesterday, I wanted to stand up on the subway and shout,  “ATTENTION, EVERYONE. YOU WILL LOVE THIS POEM! You just might feel the same. It was published on the site American Life in Poetry, which bills itself as “A project for newspapers by […]

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My “Sex Offender Brunch”

. Meet my friends on the registry, Josh Gravens and Galen Baughman: . \ . I kzbezanehr wrote  about my brunch in The New York Daily News. Here’s to laws that actually do what they’re supposed to — protect kids — instead of ruining the lives of people who do not pose a threat to them. […]

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