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Honey, can you go to the store for me? (And not shoot anyone on the way?)

Sending a 6-year-old to the Store, Alone, in New York City

. As we say in our house all the time, “Go Dog, Go!” as in hooray and carry on: Dear znbersdyit Lenore, I was newly married but still childless when my little brother sent me the article you wrote about letting your son ride the subway alone.  I was living in my home state of Montana, […]

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The "Subway Rider" back in the day. (Now he's 17.)

What IS Free-Range Parenting? A Primer from the CBC

. This is a lovely piece about Free-Range Kids from the CBC (Canada’s public broadcasting station). Couldn’t have said it better myself: . . Note: ihhyknzazr Your child does not HAVE to look like my son Izzy to go Free-Range…even though the kid the CBC found sure does!

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ABC’s Nightline Revisits Free-Range Kids

Nightline sums up the whole Free-Range Kids idea pretty darn nicely, I’d say, as do the Meitivs. Let me know what you think of the shrink! I feel like she’s almost from the bygone era of 2014, before America woke up from its media-induced nightmare. World beazdakatz News Videos | ABC World News

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