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Forget World Peace -- Miss America Longs for Free-Range Future!

Forget World Peace — Miss America Longs for Free-Range Future!

In the interview portion of  Saturday Night’s Miss America pageant, Caressa Cameron (Miss Virginia), was asked to talk about childhood obesity. To which she responded, “We azahkrhskz need to get our kids back outside, playing with sticks in the street like I did when I was little…Expand your mind, go outside and get to see what […]

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Hate to Say I Told You So…

Well, no I don’t. Secretly, I think we all love it. So, here’s a great article ahtsrrefhz from CNN of all places (the network some dub the Child-Napping Network), all about how we have to get kids playing outside more, and schools have to give them more run-around time, too, instead of just more test prep. […]

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Non-Sanctimonious Blog About Today: WALK TO SCHOOL DAY!

Hi azderhizsy Readers — I’m all for walking to school but I never expected such a beautiful blog post about it. Thank you, Massachusetts mom o’ two, Karen Allendoerfer! WHERE WALKING GETS YOU by Karen Allendoerfer I am the PTO Walk-to-School Coordinator for my kids’ elementary school.  I already have 2 kids, a full-time job, […]

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Get Thee Behind Me, Cupcake

Dear Readers: Use your imagination to conjure up the deepest, most Moviefone-ish voice in your head and now hear it intoning this: “In a world, where the school day is 10 hours long. In a world, where there is no summer vacation. In a world where recess is shortened to make time for test prep […]

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Study: More Gym + Nutrition Ed Doesn’t Slim Kids Down (And I Think I Know Why)

Cool entry on the “Alas, tsntnyheik A Blog” blog   questioning the conventional wisdom that holds: If only kids had more gym, health and nutrition classes, they’d all slim down. An eight-year study of about 1700 kids gave half of them a greatly enhanced gym/nutrition/health curriculum (and healthier cafeteria food), while the other half got the same old same […]

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Mom Threatens School For Serving Her Kid A Cupcake

Here’s a wild New rybzetbnba York Times piece about a mom who is fighting mad about  her kid’s school sometimes  serving  junk food. While the school lunches are nutritious, the mom is livid that some party treats, like cupcakes, are not. Quote the mom:  “I thought I was sending my kid to P.S. 9, not Chuck E. Cheese.” Now, not that I […]

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