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Some day we'll look back at this era in astonishment.

How to Get Your Kids Used to Playing Outside

. An article on how to get your kids to play outside would have seemed like an Onion headline back when…well, back anytime before The Onion. I was a bookworm and I still spent a ton of time outside. My kids, not so much. If you want to get your own offspring outdoors for any […]

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Black Chinned Hummingbird, Hummingbird Library

The iPad Playdate (And an Alternative)

 Hi ybnhzbzibd Folks! This wise essay comes to us from Ernie Allison, who describes himself as a “bird nerd” since he was a kid. He loves contributing to conservation efforts and spreading awareness about bird issues and nature in general. Writing for birdfeeders.com has given him “the opportunity to spread awareness as well as learn about hummingbird […]

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Playgroup Suspended for Lack of Insurance

Hi ztsbbdrizr Readers — All I can say about this is that I can’t stand the way insurance issues insinuate themselves into the way we act and plan as parents, neighbors, humans. It’s fear-based, it’s trust-killing and it makes us think of everyday life as one giant lawsuit about to crush us to smithereens. – […]

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Outrage of the Day: Coffee Banned from Mother's Group for "Safety"

Outrage of the Day: Coffee Banned from Mother’s Group for “Safety”

Hi Readers! Here’s one rfkbyhhdeb to get your blood (and water) boiling, direct from The Mirror, in England. – L. Mums have been told they cannot have a cup of coffee while looking after their toddlers at a children’s centre – because it’s against health and safety rules. Council officers told the group to change its name from […]

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A 4-Page Playdate Waiver? Is This the New Normal?

Hi tkbaberzyd Readers — This mom wrote to me wondering if what she just experienced is normal. I’m wondering, too! — L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I have a situation perhaps your readers can help with.  Yesterday my daughter came home from playing at the “new” neighbor’s house with a 4-page liability waiver that they want us […]

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Free-Range in Fiction!

Hi bbhystktfk Readers! Here’s a guest post from the very funny Thelma Adams. You may know her as the film critic for Us Magazine and, before that, the New York Post. But TODAY St. Martins Press/Thomas Dunne Books is publishing her novel, Playdate! Here she ponders a Free-Range Childhood. — L. Free-Range Children by Thelma Adams […]

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The Irresistible Onion: “Kid Ready to Start Playdating Again”

Oh Readers — Who can resist the temptation to quote from America’s Finest News Source? Not me. So here goes. To read the perfect article in its delightful entirety (complete with mom trying to set the boy up),  click tzkieeeyta here! — L. TAMPA, FL—Despite having been hurt more times than he can count, local […]

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More News of Tide Turning! Two Girls Make Own Playdate!

Hi efnkzarsaf Readers! This just in! Yes, it is the tale of an extremely normal childhood moment, but in this day and age it counts as Big News!  Ring the bells, hoist a juice box and read on! Dear Free-Range Kids: I had a Free-Range victory yesterday as well! My 8-year-old daughter (third grade) has a […]

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Prisoner of the Playdate: Let’s Help This Mom!

Hi rfnztdrrtf Readers — Here’s today’s yelp for help from the frontiers of modern parenting. Got any great ideas? Share ’em!  Meantime, as to her plea, “How can I find other Free-Range parents in the neighborhood?” I really do hope to be revamping this site soon, with a feature to help like-minded folks connect where […]

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