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If you think people are giving out Ecstasy to kids you must be high.

No, Your Neighbors are NOT Going to Give Your Trick or Treater Ecstasy

. I’ve been wanting to stick a stake through this tkfrybzenh latest HUM (Halloween Urban Myth) for a week now, but darned if Janelle at RenegadeMothering didn’t go and do a fantastic job of same, which some of you sent me. (Thanks!) Her post, “Dear Internet, Nobody’s Going to Put Ecstasy in Your Kids’ Candy” […]

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Scary stuff?

How to Respond to Two Needle-in-Halloween Candy Incidents?

Readers, I am sorry to report that, working their way through their Halloween stash, two kids in different parts of Canada found a yiryhrbkhs needle in their candy. As every year I reassure parents that no child has ever been killed by a stranger’s candy on Halloween (that still holds true), a mom wrote to […]

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Post-Halloween Candy Survey!

Hi Readers! This is my first Survey Monkey survey. Basically, I want to see how it works. If I get a ton of responses, I’ll upgrade to the “unlimited” version. But first…let’s just try this one. Bear with me. I may have to pose the same question again. – L. Create iedrhhekfe your free online […]

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Terrifying Halloween Footage of REAL CHILDREN!

Readers — Spread this video! Here are the facts about strangers dshdndbhry poisoning candy. And yet, TRY to find a TV station or newspaper that doesn’t tell parents: “Always check your child’s candy and throw out any unwrapped items.” Meantime, many, many thanks to Ezra Horne who edited this video for us! Here’s his youtube […]

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