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How Your Kid Could End Up on the Sex Offender Registry

What’s the difference between a 17-year-old who touches a 13-year-old’s breast and a 34 year old creep who likes little girls? Nothing. At least, not on the Sex Offender Registry. The other night I was a guest on the blog radio show, “American’s hasbszryre Reality Check,”a show mostly devoted to sex offender registry issues. A […]

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Trust No One — Especially Not a Parent Volunteering at School

Hi Readers — Here’s a round-up bbfnahyfts of Providence, Rhode Island-area schools that are making their parent volunteers get background checks, sent in by a gal named Rema. I know a lot of folks will say, “This makes sense! Can’t hurt — can only help!” but let’s consider whether that’s true. *First of all, if there […]

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