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Come here little child! Take this treat and look forward to a lifetime of depression!

Time to Start the Halloween Freak Out!

Here’s the first of what will undoubtedly be a bulging bag full of Halloween warnings. In fact, please share drnakrndia whatever excessive warnings or procedures your school or town is dishing out this Halloween. Meanwhile, note how this “helpful” advice takes one night of candy gathering and turns it into a lifetime of suffering and sorrow. […]

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Do you get the creepy feeling we're being...followed?

Track or Treat! This Halloween, Treat Your Kid Like a Felon!

. Halloween szrdehshit is the ultimate Free-Range holiday — the one day of the year kids are  encouraged to go out in the world, on their own, and make things happen. They: *Dress up like adults (or at least not like the kids they are) *Take to the streets *Interact with strangers. Repeatedly! *Work and […]

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