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The Perfect End of Year School Project (Free, Even!)

Teachers! Principals! Counselors! Headmasters!

If BEFORE the pandemic kids were passive, anxious and depressed, now they’re passive, anxious and depressed with a passive, anxious, depressed cherry on top.

To bring kids back to life, some educators went straight to the problem: Kids had lost their excitement, curiosity and initiative? They would re-ignite it with THE LET GROW PROJECT.

That’s a homework assignment that tells kids to go home and do something NEW, on their OWN, without their parents (but with their blessing, of course).

Our implementation guide is free! Watch 3 educators describe The Project in 2 minutes, below.

End the school year with this joyful project and kids will have a transformative summer. Or use it to get a great start in the fall!


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