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The Ultimate Compliment: Amy Poehler and Ty Burrell (as Cartoons) Discuss Free-Range Parenting

In a recent episode of Amy Poehler’s new animated series, “Duncanville” (Amy plays the mom AND the teen boy, Duncan), the parents discover a new way to raise their kids.

Someone has been doing their homework! The shoe-tying seems to relate to a story I heard at a school now doing the Let Grow project (remember: Let Grow is the nonprofit that grew out of Free-Range Kids). After kids had been doing the project for a little while — the project being to go home and do something on your own without an adult — the principal told me that now fewer kids were sticking out their feet.

“Sticking out their feet?”

She demonstrated by holding her leg straight out. “You know. Sticking out their foot so that the teacher will tie their shoe for them. Now they’re doing it themselves.”

Kudos to the writers, creators, actors — everyone at Duncanville! This is from Episode 9:

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