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You Don’t Need to Watch Your Kids’ Sports Practices (And Everyone Might Be Better Off If You Don’t)

Attending kids sports practices can be a chore or a treat. For me, I loved meeting up with my fellow moms. Our kids weren’t doing anything too serious — it was a local baseball club, the kids were 9 or 10, I’m not sure if there were actually teams — so we gabbed the whole time, and it was fun. At least, that league was. Others were in colder weather, and further away, and I didn’t understand the game and didn’t get to know the other parents.

Less fun.

Then, too, some kids have a lot more practices, and some parents have a lot less time. If there’s something you’d rather be doing while your kid is kicking, swinging, catching or (as was the case in our family) sitting down in the outfield because no one ever hit that far — it is more than legit for you to leave. And it’s not a crime! Giving your kid more space can help him/her/the coach, and anyone or anything else in your life that wanted some more time with you.

Our post at Let Grow today is by our Director of Content, Stacy Tornio,. She has two sporty kids — and a very demanding job! She writes about how to deal with anyone who thinks that you must always show your “support” by freezing, boiling or screaming in the bleachers. Click here to read her wisdom!

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