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Your Kids Doing Something New, On Their Own, Can Win $500!

The Third Annual Let Grow Independence Challenge is on! Let Grow is asking for photos and/or super short videos of your kids doing something new, on their own. First Prize winner gets a $300 gift card. Two runner-ups get $100 each.

Last year’s entrants rappelled down trees, made family meals, rode bikes, mowed lawns, sold drinks, built forts, and learned to roller skate. One little boy patiently broke up part of his concrete patio for a gardening project. Click here to enter. Submissions are due by Aug. 15.

And this year, there’s a contest for parents too! We want parents to tell us HOW they let go — and what happened next. The parent contest is open from Aug. 15 -31. First prize is a $100 gift card, two runner-ups get $50 each.

As you can tell, we are into inspiration: Photos of real kids of all ages doing things on their own are the proof that today’s kids are more competent than our culture gives them credit for. The more that parents see other parents loosening the reins, the more that kids how much other kids can do on their own, the more normal it becomes to try that at home.

Let Grow’s goal — like Free-Range Kids’ — is exactly that: To make childhood independence normal again (and legal and ubiquitous). Enter the contest and help build the case for kids opening up to the world and discovering the joys of curiosity and competence!


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