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What a Suicidal Pilot Can Teach Us about Trying to Predict All Risk

. Like everyone else, I wish that the suicidal Germanwings pilot had been stopped from boarding the plane. I even think it makes sense for Europe to copy our “two people in the cockpit at all times” rule. Nonetheless,  I love this essay by Stacey Gordon on her blog Xray Vision about the impossibility of predicting and […]

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Yarn: The silent killer.

This Week’s Consumer Product Safety Recall is…YARN

. Gracious me! This brand of yarn can unravel! Have you ever heard of such a thing? It’s just too scary! How irresponsible can a yarn maker be? No wonder the Consumer Product Safety Commission just issued this dire warning: Name of Product: Bernat Tizzy Yarn Hazard: In finished knit or crochet items, the yarn can […]

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"If it saves just one child a year..." then what? We should do it, no matter what "it" is?

How Safe is Safe Enough for Playground Surfaces?

Do we really have to re-surface every playground in America because they aren’t safe enough? Tim Gill, author of the blog “Rethinking Childhood,”  and Bernard Spiegel, granddaddy of the idea of “beneficial risk,” and Jay Beckwith, the venerated playground guru, are just some of the big names in the “play” world alerting us to potentially over-the-top new playground […]

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I may LOOK harmless...

Letter That Made Me Laugh (About “Workplace Safety”)

Readers — Allow me to tiptoe off topic, slightly, to print this comment that came a while back in response to “An Insane Focus on Safety, Including the Hazard of ‘Eating Bread.’”  As you know, Free-Range is all about battling hysteria when it comes to the idea that NOTHING is safe enough for our kids. […]

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What the Parks Department sees when it looks at playground equipment.

First They Came for the See-Saws, and I Said Nothing…

Then they came for the merry-go-rounds, and I said nothing. Then  — The city is putting the brakes on spinning playground equipment following reports of injuries, a Parks Department spokeswoman said. Rotating metal saucers that kids ride at two Park Slope [Brooklyn] playgrounds were recently welded into place so they can’t move, and the city […]

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