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Zebra Sighted in British Parking Lot (or the Equivalent)

When people are training to be doctors (I’m told), they are instructed, “When you hear hoofbeats, assume horses, not zebras.” The idea being that most likely they are seeing something very common (say, a cold) than something outlandishly rare (like beriberi). Someone in Brighton, England, could have used that lesson. Earlier this week someone called […]

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halloween candy taint debunked


I guess the news cycle just can’t wait a few days. If it did, almost every Halloween horror story it breathlessly reported would be proven false. Like the one we discuss today over at Let Grow. Come knock on our door!

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child on a bicycle at asphalt road in early morning

Kid’s World Got Bigger, Dad’s Got Easier

It may be hard to “Let Grow” the first time and let your kids do something on their own, without you. But afterward your life gets easier and your kids’ world gets bigger. Today there’s one small, quick story over at Let Grow, where I hope you’ll join the conversation!

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