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Parenting Tips from Roger Federer?

David Epstein, author of the new book “Range,” looked at the childhoods of many superstars in their fields. What did plenty of them, including Roger Federer, have in common? They didn’t specialize early. They played lots of lots of different sports, or instruments, or they just plain played. And how about you and yours? Please […]

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Buh-bye, Little Red Riding Hood?

A school in Spain is purging “stereotypical” and “sexist” kiddie books, like Little Red Riding Hood. Now other schools may follow. Your thoughts? Please share them at Let Grow.

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Girl Saves Her Friend from Choking!

Great story over at Let Grow about a girl, 9, who had JUST learned the Heimlich Maneuver the day before, who sees her friend choking at lunch. And if you know of a child who ever kept calm and cool in an emergency, we’d love to hear your story too! Comments are open at Let […]

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The Extracurricular That Does It All

Don’t just take our word for it. Two principals wrote a note to parents explaining why giving kids free play at a Let Grow Play Club after school makes the kids better prepared for life, joy — and academics. Join the conversation at Let Grow!

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Followed Home by a Raging Man

A childhood story from Let Grow supporter Robin J. Phillips (pictured, right), about the time she and her siblings mightily displeased a neighbor. Read it over at Let Grow!

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What If NEXT Mother’s Day We…

Let’s hope by next year we will have collectively moved the needle to the point where moms are no longer blamed or shamed for choosing convenience (say, letting the kids wait in the car during a brief errand) rather than bending over backwards just to “prove” they care. More on this at Let Grow. Happy […]

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To Track or Not To Track?

This is one of the biggest decisions in modern parenting: Whether or not to track your kids, and what, if anything, to track? GPS? Texts? Heart rate? Website visits? We’d love to hear your thoughts, over at Let Grow.

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