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Why Two Oklahoma Representatives on Opposite Sides of the Aisle are Co-Sponsoring a Free-Range Kids Bill

It’s not just that Oklahoma State Rep. Chad Caldwell (R) and Rep. Jacob Rosecrants (D) both believe parents shouldn’t be arrested or investigated for letting their kids have some “reasonable independence.” It’s that they both remember their OWN reasonable independence — and are grateful for what that freedom made them into. Read about the way […]

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Picking A Child Up Late from School Is Not Neglect!

A 10-year-old boy picked up from his Chicago public school seven minutes late triggered a call from the school to the Department of Child and Family Services. Fortunately, the school community has rallied around the mom and son, writing a letter to the CEO of the Chicago Public School system saying that, “We do not […]

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Growing Up Under Constant Surveillance

How does it feel? Read my thoughts (as it were!) over at Let Grow. Click here! And think about the fact that when China makes its students wear uniforms that track what time they arrive at school, whether they are snoozing in class, and where they go when they go home, we understandably feel this […]

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Have You Had an Encounter with Child Protective Services?

As Let Grow works with five states on Free-Range Kids bills this session, some lawmakers remain skeptical that their state’s definition of neglect needs narrowing. But they do. Here is Let Grow’s map of all 50 states’ neglect laws. Unfortunately, 47 of them are so open-ended that too much is left to the discretion of […]

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