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A Gay Black Democrat Mom and a Straight White Republican Grandma are Co-Sponsoring Nevada’s Free-Range Kids Bill

From an op-ed in yesterday’s Las Vegas Journal-Review by Nevada State Sen. Dallas Harris and Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen, titled, “Don’t Criminalize Childhood Independence.”

Maybe we look like complete opposites. One of us is a gay, Black and a Democratic mom of one from Clark County. And one of us is a white, Republican and a mom of eight — grandmother of 20 — from Northern Nevada. But we are thrilled to be working together because we are in heated agreement when it comes to this:

Kids have the right to some reasonable independence. And parents have the right to give it to them without being charged with neglect. Now we are supporting a bill that makes this truth into law.

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Friends, the bill they’re supporting narrows the neglect laws to ensure that parents who give their kids some free, unsupervised time — by choice OR necessity — are not mistaken for neglectful. It’s a bill we have loved for a long time.

Nevada is one of five states considering such a law this session. Please visit Let Grow’s advocacy page to find out more, or lend your voice to the cause!


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