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50 Things Even Digital Kids Might Love to Do Outside

Yes — we’ve got for you a simple, straightforward, LONG LIST of activities that don’t require a screen and can actually captivate normally pixilated kids.

It’s over at Let Grow, where, frankly, we reprinted it from a website for teachers. Click here for the ideas and funny commentary by author Terry Heick, even as you’re telling your kids to get their shoes and coats on. (Or not! They can play outside however they like!)

Many of the ideas are just as simple as can be, but they’re hard to remember when your kids are whining. (Even harder than remembering why you had them.) Some examples:

Dig a hole

Skip rocks

Camp in the backyard

Use a compass

And my favorite that maybe I’ll try when I go outside in an hour or two:

Close your eyes and don’t open them until you identify at least 10 sounds.

(“Fire truck, police car, ambulance…” — I’m in Manhattan)

Anyway, it’s good to remember that the outdoors is Mother Nature’s original X-Box.

Sure, try that line with your kids.

(Then run.)

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