A Funny, Smart, Short Video by Our Funny, Smart, Average-Size Pal, Jen Singer

Hi srdakykark
Readers — Jen Singer runs Mommasaid.net, a blog that manages to be funny, moving (like, seriously so) AND perkily helpful AND pleasantly ironic all at once. And this she does while raising two young boys and writing, it seems, a book every other week. Like Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Toddler Years, and Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Pre-School Years and, oh yeah, Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — Baby’s First Year. Then there’s You’re a Good Mom (And Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either): 14 Secrets to Finding Happiness Between Super Mom and Slacker Mom. And you know what? She tells me her next book is on cancer — something else she has found time to deal with in her own life.

Did I mention she’s hilarious and her Tweets make me laugh? Like, “Witnessed two poodles on the loose, attempting to herd deer in my yard. (See: grandeur, delusions of.)” And, “(Jen) Doesn’t feel like coaching in the rain. Sadly, they don’t let you yell from the car.” She Tweets  @JenSinger

So she’s an amazing gal. And even rather productive. As if to prove it, she’s even got a new video: “Momma Said Trust Your Gut” — a message we can all get behind. Go Jen! — L.

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