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A Gym Teacher Devotes Some P.E. Time to Plain Old Free Play — And WOW!

Gym teachers don’t have to have kids doing specific sports or skills all the time. When P.E. teacher David Benay decided to devote some class time to free play, outside, he was amazed by how active his students were, and how many lessons — physical and social — they were getting.

When a tiny game of Capture the Flag organically grew to 23 kids, Benay noted that the students:

…used their knowledge and understanding to organize the game. They showed great confidence and motivation to become the needed leaders at the time. Lastly, the students showed their physical competence and engagement in being active. Had I decided what they were going to play, I would have robbed them of that great leadership opportunity.

Read more about the decision to make free play part of P.E. by clicking here!


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