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And The Mom-Shaming Award of the Year Goes to…A Carjacker

Yet another guy screamed at a mom for letting her kid wait in the car while she ran in to get a gallon of milk – but with a twist: He was a carjacker who’d just stolen her car.

The second he noticed the kid in the back seat he sped back to the parking lot, and yelled at the mom to take the boy out. She did — and he drove off again, after threatening to call the police on her.

More proof that almost no one, even a criminal, wants your kid.

Head over to Let Grow by clicking here to read the rest of the story, and let me know what you think about the decision NOT to arrest the mom. (Hint: I think she was dumb to leave the car unlocked and running, etc., etc.,…but it should not be illegal to be in a hurry and trust the odds. She was out of the car for a very few minutes and never more than 15 feet away. Let’s give parents, even ones who are not perfect, a break!)

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash


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