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Can a 6-Year-Old Play Alone at the River?

Most of us don’t live on a river. But Amy Lynn Kuhl, the mom writing today’s Let Grow blog post, does and she is all for allowing her nature-loving 6-year-old to go out there and explore. The girl loves building, exploring, gathering shells and sticks. What’s weird is that this idea is, to some, radical.  Nonetheless, Kuhl writes that:

Within my own family, we are a bit of an anomaly. At her grandparent’s suburban home, she plays outside on her own in the yard—with permission; my siblings don’t allow this for their children, who are 11 and 13 years old. While I respect their choices, I still see the looks and hear the whispers about Ava’s free play. And Ava hears them as well. But we don’t whisper in return. Instead, we just focus on what works for us.

What works is outdoor time — before COVID and especially during it. If you feel the same need for you and your kids and are wondering how to make the case for a little more freedom to range about, click here for her lovely essay.

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