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Crying, Begging, Socratic-Dialog-Employing Girl Begs Dad for Less Homework Time

Oh ye of icy hearts, beware! This little girl in China is going viral not just because she is so sad and sweet, but also because she could put Socrates to shame! (Or at least get him to assign less homework.)

Hers is a cry heard ’round the world. Let’s hope some schools and parents take heed!

And note: I DO think the video is authentic, but the ending inspired just a soupcon of suspicion.

3 Responses to Crying, Begging, Socratic-Dialog-Employing Girl Begs Dad for Less Homework Time

  1. Common sense November 6, 2022 at 7:14 pm #

    I can sympathize with her and I think the ending might come off as scripted due to translation bias. I tech riding and every day I deal with over scheduled kids who have no time to appreciate their time at the barn because hurry, hurry we have to get you soccer, ballet, theater, track, football, etc. give them a choice of one or two activities and let them have free time to just be. But their parents think free time is wasted time, heavens they could be learning, doing, practicing something. Parents get fee time, kids should too.

  2. Mark Headley November 6, 2022 at 9:29 pm #

    The video is already blocked here. I’m afraid not all parents do get free time.

    No adult I’ve asked wishes their parents, schools, had driven them harder. So why what was good for them not for their kids? I think it’s a mistake to view it all about kids’ well-being. Too many parents IMO, look to satisfy themselves through their kids. Burdening them unfairly. Should be better boundaries.

  3. Mark Headley November 6, 2022 at 10:22 pm #

    I just got to see video after technical problems. I don’t hear her bitching about too much organized play. Rather, not enough play, period. Even when she finishes her tasks. And that the amount of work is unfair — work generally, not just homework but stuff he piles on. Her advocacy impresses me so I figure her upbringing not all bad. Her dad acquiesces in her playing freely a bit. But she impressively keeps after him for more. Shoots down his suggestions she’s not always so good.

    No adult I ask answers that their parents, their school, should have driven them harder. So why driving their kids harder than what was fine for them. IMO, too many parents are looking for their kids for parents’ own fulfillment. Bad boundaries. This not fairly kids’ responsibility. Parents should focus more on pursuing their own lives.