Dad Forces Son to Run to School in Rain as Punishment: Bully or Hero?

This is the story folks are talking about today — of course it’s a parenting decision. Was dad wrong to make his son run to school after he got kicked off the bus for bullying? Join the rnahkbsikr
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2 Responses to Dad Forces Son to Run to School in Rain as Punishment: Bully or Hero?

  1. EDUin March 16, 2018 at 1:06 pm #

    Thanks @notmyyearofff it’s really tasty x

  2. Sharon March 18, 2018 at 2:43 pm #

    People don’t understand that there are rules and consequences for not following them. I just lost my husband so controlling a 16 1/2 yr old is not easy. This was not our first rodeo. We have had her in our house since birth, with some help from mom who worked. When mom died after multiple thing in health, along with a 9 month stay in Rochester Mayo she passed away. Life was not bad because she was only in third grade. Now rules are answer my test before you 85+ chat friends. When she turn sixteen and past her driver test we brought her a car. That would be because grades are very good and getting to sport practices made it nicer. Now remembering grandpa was in the life and spoiling her because she is good.
    So me disabling her calls is nice because rules are come right home from school or practice, ask where you would want to go and telling, not making payments for her car, and going places I am not a fan of, this is after a sleepover and will not give me numbers. Now the big one is answer my text first or call if you have a question first or there will be.
    Her game is do it only if she wants to because she is who she is, if I take the car away that makes it hard to get to work from practice. The. I pay the piper by taking her When all I want to do to a forget teen is cut the phone off for awhile. Think a out it people to bad you never raised 3 children in the 70 thru 89.