Five Edible Experiments for Kids

We’ve got 5 food experiments over at Let Grow, and some are quite amazing.

In one, kids learn how to transform liquids into edible “pearls”:

Mix any kind of liquid (juice, chocolate milk, maple syrup) with unflavored gelatin, warm the mixture, and drizzle it into cold oil. This process will create tasty “pearls.” The young cooks can make a few different pearls and have a sibling, parent, or friend taste each one and guess its flavor.

Sound so cool! I plan to try it, because I’d love to feed these weird globs to friends and family. Another one of the experiments actually made me FINALLY  understand how glaciers work. BONUS: It involves Oreos, ice cream and chocolate chips.

I also loved the s’mores experiment. If you try it, let us know how it works. Show these cool activities to your kids and then let them go wild! (Make sure you get a bite.) Click here to see all five.




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