Tip adnthbbkkz
One – Start the Day with a Protein Rich Breakfast
Tip Two – Balance Blood Sugar with Complex Carbohydrates
Tip Three – Shop for Health: Create a Back-to-School Grocery List that Promotes Wellness
Tip 4 – Offer Your Kids Food Rich in Antioxidants
Tip 5 – Be Sure Your Kids Get Enough Sleep
Why would any sane person object to these? Because they sound like a list of tips for someone who is sick. Blood sugar, anti-oxidants, complex carbohydrates — this is the talk of a hospital nutritionist. How about, “Make sure they have some healthy food around”?
More distressing is the fact that there is zero mention of PLAYING! “Get your kid out to the park!” “Give your kid some free time to goof around.” “Let your kid walk to school.” If you want a kid whose weight, diabetes, appetite and outlook all have a higher chance of being healthy — quit dithering about the exact contents of the lunchbox and make sure you give them a childhood, not just an applesauce.
But, like I said, harumph. I am in a harumphing mood. – L.