Mom Proposes a Freaky Friday, Role-Switching Experiment to Her 3 Kids: Here’s What Happened!

A mom in Ireland, Trish Frazer, was, it seems, a little fed up with the day-to-day pushing/prodding/cooking/plodding  that is modern-day parenthood. So she proposed to her kids, ages 12, 9 and 4, that they switch places, a la Freaky Friday. (But without Lindsay Lohan.)

Not only did the kids take her up on it for five whole days — during which no one starved — the family dynamics really changed. You can read Trish’s brief description of the experiment over at Let Grow by clicking here. Suffice to say, she learned how much kids really CAN do…when somebody else (guess who?) isn’t doing it all FOR them.

She also saw how clever kids can be when they don’t want to spend time cleaning up.

Just shows that efficiency does not always comport with social niceties. And then there was the toilet paper thing…

Anyway — while Trish’s short version is at Let Grow, she wrote a longer version you can access on her blog, Trish thinks, here. And, see below, these are her lovely kids!

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