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Peter Gray on Why Free Play is Crucial for Kids’ Development

It’s always a good time to watch this: Dr. Peter Gray’s TEDx talk on the decline of free play and its consequences (anxiety, depression). Click here to see it
And for some solutions, visit Schools & parents can start Let Grow Play Clubs where kids make their own fun and solve their own spats. Noodle around on the site and you’ll find lots about the importance of unstructured play and how to bring it back! 

One Response to Peter Gray on Why Free Play is Crucial for Kids’ Development

  1. Boots V. Mueller July 22, 2020 at 10:07 am #

    I do agree with Dr Peter Gray. My child is autistic with FAS disorder he is nine. And because of his disorder they have kicked him out of social environments for example the Salvation Army and many private organizations. My child does not get social play because Society does not want him around. Counties cities states and federal could care less if my child develops social play.
    What a shame that we have become a society of locking our children away. My child needs to learn how to sort out differences through play with society friends. Expecting children to be functioning adults I believe society needs to let go of the reins, so our children can develop freely.
    Shame on our society. Thank you for listening.