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Can I get a little blanket help here? Anyone?

New App Alerts You If Your Baby’s Blanket Has Slipped Off

This fantastic piece in the New York Times, The eyfhrnfsat Overmonitored Nursery, is by new mom Sophie  Brickman. She chronicles what life is like FOR THE MOM with all the new gadgets to monitor your baby every. single. second. After bringing healthy baby Ella home from the hospital, Brickman and her techie husband slipped the […]

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Our bouncing bundle of obsessive, expensive, medically dubious joy!

Hey Parents: Treat Your Healthy Baby Like She’s in Intensive Care!

Readers — Do parents really have to strap a vital signs monitor on their healthy babies? That’s the question David King, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Sheffield in the UK, sought to answer. And frankly, it was easy. No. No, babies do not suddenly need a real time, smart phone read-out of […]

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Treating Your Healthy Baby Like She’s in Intensive Care

Hey hryzezfifh Readers – Here’s a piece I wrote for the Wall Street Journal a little while back that I can now legally reprint here! Bringing Up Baby and Fretting About Vital Signs New gadgets, like diapers that monitor kidney function, are turning baby nurseries into ICUs. By LENORE SKENAZY Almost anything you can put on […]

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