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But I love my stick!

Don’t Hate My Boy Because He Acts Like One

. Here’s a a dkrstksfbr piece in Canada’s Globe & Mail by teacher Dionne LaPointe-Bakota, about her 3-year-old  Malcolm’s “wildness.” Malcolm growls and chases and brandishes sticks. Onlookers who see him always say something like, “My, you have your hands full!” She wonders if they really mean she should make her boy act more like a […]

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Those boys were braver than I'll ever be!

Boys 10 & 11 Save Two Kids from Burning Home

. Wait…isn’t there a family in Florida who had their kids taken away because the 11 year old was unsupervised for 90 minutes? Maybe the authorities can watch this video and remember that kids who are 11 are not babies. In fact, they can SAVE them. Even in Florida! Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com \ […]

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