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Thanks for feeding me! You're great!

Breastfeeding Is Not The Only Decent Way to Feed a Child

This heeafhkfkf letter illustrates the kind of “Mothers must be perfect or all bets are off!” belief that makes my blood boil. (Ouch!)  Dear Free-Range Kids: I had a friend whose wife went into labor sixteen weeks early due to all kinds of complications.  She was in the ICU for nearly a month, massive blood […]

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You don't have to do this to be Free-Range!

You Don’t Have to Breastfeed Till Age Five to be “Free-Range”

“Free-Range” can mean many things to many people, which is fair, I guess. It’s not like I have the trademark on “free-range.” But I actually do have the trademark on “Free-Range Kids” (because my friend is an intellectual property attorney), and the Free-Range Kids book/blog/movement does not believe that serious illnesses can be cured homeopathically, […]

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Thanks, mom! But of course, I would still love you and thrive if you gave me formula!

Women Who Don’t Breastfeed are NOT “Bad Mothers”

. At Free-Range Kids, we fight daily against the idea that there is one “right” way to parent. We also fight the criminalization of normal, rational parenting choices, like the decision to let a kid wait in the car for a couple minutes, or play outside unsupervised. Let us remember that formula feeding,  too, is […]

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