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That Sticker on My Car Is NOT Endangering Me!

Readers — Here’s an dntrkddkha alarming idea with no basis in fact, as far as I can fathom. The idea: Have a picture of little Bobby in his football gear and a “My Son is an Honor Student at Kelley Middle School” bumper sticker? Congratulations, you just told the world and anyone who may want […]

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Unattractive clip art that nonetheless illustrates the story.

My NY Post Piece about Kids Waiting in Cars

Readers — Here’s kdiahebsbz my piece that’s in today’s New York Post! The site doesn’t take comments, but if you want to write a letter to the editor, drop one to: letters@nypost.com. NJ court takes ‘child neglect’ to extremes by Lenore Skenazy Did you ever wait in the car while your mom ran an errand? New […]

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