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Yes I'm fine! Quit axing me!

Toddlers With Knives

. Throughout most of history and to this day in some of the world, children learned the great lessons they needed to know — survival, stories, how to gut a goat — without going to school. Often they weren’t even “taught.” The assumption was that kids were naturally curious and would learn by watching, imitating, […]

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In our desire to keep our kids safe, we are locking some of them up.

Kids As Young As 9 Are on the Sex Offender Registry…for Life

. Southwestern ydksernkir Law School Professor Catherine L.Carpenter puts it bluntly in her new research paper, Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative. “Truth be told,” she writes, “we are afraid for our children and we are afraid of our children.” Being afraid for our kids has lead us to create ever harsher sex […]

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