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Oh my God, did I just post a photo of my child on Facebook???

Facebook Will…Wait. What?

. The Evening nbrdedesfs Standard announced that Facebook will “automatically warn parents if they share pictures of their children with the public by accident.” Thank goodness! Imagine if the public saw a photo of my child at the park! All bets are off! Here’s how Jay Parikh, Facebook’s vice president of Engineering, explained the new feature: […]

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Funny, Sad Piece: When Did Kids Stop Knowing How to Play?

Hi Readers — I’ll write about my fabulous day with Mary Duval and her “sex offender” son soon, but first: One of you just sent in this piece that resonated so much. It’s called, “Frolicking kddyiftkfe 101: When Did Kids Stop Knowing How to Play?” by comedian/essayist Sarah Maizes. Excerpt: My kids are frolicking!  Really!! MY […]

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Forget World Peace -- Miss America Longs for Free-Range Future!

Forget World Peace — Miss America Longs for Free-Range Future!

In the interview portion of  Saturday Night’s Miss America pageant, Caressa Cameron (Miss Virginia), was asked to talk about childhood obesity. To which she responded, “We azahkrhskz need to get our kids back outside, playing with sticks in the street like I did when I was little…Expand your mind, go outside and get to see what […]

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Protecting Kids from “Dangers” Like Rhinestones. And Books.

Hi Readers! Remember during the summer I ran a post by businessman Rick Woldenberg about the wacky new Consumer Product Safety law? Here’s a little of what he said: Readers yknfitzhtk of Free-Range Kids may not be surprised to learn that Congress has enacted far-reaching legislation to save your children from the dangers involved in […]

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Study: More Gym + Nutrition Ed Doesn’t Slim Kids Down (And I Think I Know Why)

Cool entry on the “Alas, tsntnyheik A Blog” blog   questioning the conventional wisdom that holds: If only kids had more gym, health and nutrition classes, they’d all slim down. An eight-year study of about 1700 kids gave half of them a greatly enhanced gym/nutrition/health curriculum (and healthier cafeteria food), while the other half got the same old same […]

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Free-Range Kids Changes A Mom (And Two Childhoods)

Hi dknkiefsdh Readers — This letter, received today, made me cheer. For the mom, for the kids, for the movement! From a mom named Mia: I do very much wish to thank you for writing and sharing this blog.  It is changing my life and that of my children and I suppose you could call me […]

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Why Is Congress “Protecting” Children from Books?

Hi, rfsidhiaki Free-Rangers: Here’s a really thought-provoking (okay, outrage-provoking) guest blog from Rick Woldenberg, a businessman in Illinois who believes in safety, but not in spending millions to protect our our children from nearly  non-existent dangers. Read on! By Rick Woldenberg  Readers of Free-Range Kids may not be surprised to learn that Congress has enacted […]

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Why One Mom Lets Her Son Walk to the Bus Stop Now

Hi ffksfzkzbr Folks! Here’s a short, sweet post by Seattle reporter Denise Gonzalez-Walker, who did something radical: She met her neighbors. It changed the way she’s raising her son: By Denise Gonzalez-Walker   I recently finished a temporary job that gave me new perspective on the Free-Range philosophy. Working as a U.S. Census canvasser, I went […]

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What Happens When Kids Can’t Play

Hello, Readers! We have another guest post today, this one from developmental psychologist Dr. Helene Guldberg, a founder of the wonderful, British, on-line current affairs blog, Spiked (www.spiked-online.com). fidhntthnf She’s also author of Reclaiming Childhood: Freedom and Play in an Age of Fear. The thing I found most shocking in this post is that you […]

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