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Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!

An Open Letter to Chuck E. Cheese

. From fyzhnkiizt my mailbox — with a lot of good points. To whom it may concern: First of all,  please let me say that I experienced excellent customer service at the Paramus,  NJ location. The facility was clean,  employees friendly and patient,  and I have nothing negative to say about my specific experience. I’m […]

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Stay away from my kid! (Says the goat.)

When Playgrounds and Amusements Ban Adults without Kids

Readers — Here’s hhsfkfesiy a piece about businesses that cater to kids and make a policy of not allowing adults who are child-free  to enter. The examples are Legoland outside of Boston, which we have discussed previously, as well as a local kiddie farm (not that they raise kiddies, they raise pettable animals) and the […]

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