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Can you please help me cross the street?

How I Taught My Children to Talk to Strangers

Sydney riehtayffa Gurewitz Clemens is an author and educator. Her business card says “Helping Adults Help Children.” Her latest book and other writings are here. I love what she says about kids and strangers. Dear Free-Range Kids: I want to tell you about how I taught my son and my daughter to talk to strangers: When […]

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Get back in the classroom and start LEARNING already!!

Toddler Literacy?

From my idrnykhtzs “Let’s totally not believe in our kids” file comes this press release. I say “not believe” because it is only fear that would make anyone think that literacy must be shoved into a 2-year-old — fear that playing and exploring are not enough, fear that a child’s brain is already atrophying, or missing […]

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