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Kindly make a report of your chewing activities so Human Resources can gauge the safety of your mastication/absorption activity.

An Insane Focus on Safety, Including The Hazard of “Eating Bread”

Suzanne idabedsedz Lucas spent 10 years in corporate human resources, where she hired, fired, managed the numbers, and double-checked with the lawyers. She blogs as the Evil H.R. Lady, and in this post notes how an overblown sense of risk drifts into the workplace.  This is the same thing we are seeing in the worlds […]

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Motherhood: World’s Toughest Job — Not

Readers, Here’s a video that has gotten over 10 million hits so far: It’s sdedyshbys about motherhood being the hardest job at all, requiring 135 hours a week, lots of standing, very little sleeping and zero breaks. But as “The Evil H.R. Lady” points out in this brilliant post, motherhood is not the utterly difficult, demanding, […]

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