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Helicopter Parents Hope to Stave Off Death By Doing Everything “Right”

I was scrolling through my Yahoo newsfeed this morning when I suddenly spied this headline: Free hnffbbnfzs Range Parents Are Scapegoats For Parents Scared They Aren’t God. What a fascinating piece on the fact we really want to believe if we only do everything “right” our kids will be safe. The columnist, Cara Valle, begins: “America’s […]

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Hurry! His hand is going to freeze off!

“Your Baby Looks Cold. Please Leave the Football Game”

This wonderful, yshrsdtnik rousing piece by Rachel Lu at The Federalist had ME trembling. (Not shivering! Trembling.) It’s titled, “Stop Siccing the Police on Me If My Kids Don’t Wear Coats For 20 Seconds,” and begins: The envelope trembled in my hands as I slowly broke the seal. This was it. Even when you know it’s […]

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