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Dedicated to cossetting kids?

Goodbye, Safety-Obsessive Girl Scouts

Readers enrryzbdan — As the mom of two Scouts (of the boy variety), I am so sorry to see some troops turning into a morass of red tape, Worst-First thinking and CYA. Time to whittle down the fears! – L.  Dear Free-Range Kids: I thought I wouldn’t ever do this, but I think I’m going […]

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Girls -- stand back! There's a fire!

Whose Idea Was it That Children are Fragile and Stupid?

Readers — Over and over I keep realizing how grateful kids are when we lean OUT of their lives a little and let them show us how competent they really are. I love this letter! – L.  Dear Free-Range Kids: I stumbled on your site when a backpacking guide friend asked me what approach she […]

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