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The little lawbreaker herself:

City Orders Sisters to Take Down Beloved Neighborhood Tree Swing

. This weekend, 11-year-old Reilly McMillan and her sister Gracie, 8, have a sad, government-mandated task ahead of them. They must take down the tree swing in front of their house — the one they made and put up with their dad. It could “chafe” the tree’s bark. The problem is that while the tree […]

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What kind of crazy person is NICE to strangers?

Man Thrown in Psych Hospital for Giving Money to Strangers

Yes, it seems to be true, though the facts are a little confusing (as this bhhbkbrttz TV story suggests):  A man named Richard Wright was giving out money to strangers and telling them to “Thank God!” if they actually needed the cash, or pass it along if they didn’t. For this he seems to have been […]

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