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Why don't we round up all the Jack O Lanterns, too? They molest about as many kids as Registered Sex Offenders on Halloween.

Sex Offenders on Halloween: The Really Scary Part

. From poison candy to prowling predators, we keep confusing Halloween’s “spookiness” with actual dangers to our kids. Having scared ourselves to death, we then insist on making the the day ever more supervised. How far overboard can we go? Here’s a wonderful piece by Anat Rubin at The Marshall Project, titled, “This badddahnta is […]

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If you think people are giving out Ecstasy to kids you must be high.

No, Your Neighbors are NOT Going to Give Your Trick or Treater Ecstasy

. I’ve been wanting to stick a stake through this tkfrybzenh latest HUM (Halloween Urban Myth) for a week now, but darned if Janelle at RenegadeMothering didn’t go and do a fantastic job of same, which some of you sent me. (Thanks!) Her post, “Dear Internet, Nobody’s Going to Put Ecstasy in Your Kids’ Candy” […]

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halloween 2

Two Great Halloween Articles

Readers — We  take a break from reminding you to remind everyone else that Halloween is a safe, good holiday (not a candy-poisoning, child-snatching BAD holiday)  to bring you two newspaper stories that I just loved: *This yshytikfai one by Bonnie Rubin is on the front page of today’s Chicago Tribune, about the rise of “Trunk […]

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Trunk or treat! Trunk or treat! Let's avoid  each house and street!

The Problem with “Trunk or Treat”

Readers? Have you heard of “Trunk or Treat”? It’s the growing trend of celebrating Halloween in a parking lot. (Woo hoo!) Folks fill up their trunks with candy and drive to a designated spot. Kids go car to car, collecting booty. As Wikipedia zkteydsidh explains:  Concerned parents see it as safer for their children, while other […]

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