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Halloween is not for the unprepared!

Halloween Advice for the Obsessive-Compulsive

Can’t be too safe! Or…um… you can, if you follow every bit of this Halloween advice from a fedfeiyhfd suburban New York paper, sent to us by columnist/author Naomi Schaefer Riley. Whether you’re a ghost or zombie, vampire or witch, poor costume choices—including decorative (colored) contact lenses and flammable costumes—and face paint allergies can cause injuries that haunt […]

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Smiling and visious.

Watch Out for Those Dangerous Marching Bands

  In fdthtiyhkn Chester County, PA, kids will no longer get the chance to scramble for candy tossed from floats at the annual Halloween parade because suddenly the local tradition is too dangerous. According to The Daily Local News, Parks & Rec director Keith Kurowski “was fearful that one of about 25 parade floats might injure an […]

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Come here little child! Take this treat and look forward to a lifetime of depression!

Time to Start the Halloween Freak Out!

Here’s the first of what will undoubtedly be a bulging bag full of Halloween warnings. In fact, please share drnakrndia whatever excessive warnings or procedures your school or town is dishing out this Halloween. Meanwhile, note how this “helpful” advice takes one night of candy gathering and turns it into a lifetime of suffering and sorrow. […]

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Velcome to my holiday of hysteria.

Challenge for the Media: Find ONE CASE of Child Predation by a Registered Sex Offender on Halloween

Sometimes eybiykazyf you gotta think outside the trick or treat bag. So kudos to the National Reform Sex Offenders Laws organization for tackling the persistent, unfounded myth that sex offenders lure trick or treaters to their doom on Halloween. To help America move beyond this zombie-like fear that refuses to die, the organization is challenging the media […]

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Does this Halloween standard make you hungry...or scared?

Halloween is When We Test-Market New Fears

Reprinted by popular demand (popular in my apartment, anyway) comes this piece of mine about Halloween. Just as I believe that all sorts of new educational products, courses and mandates migrate from the world of special needs (what is Gymboree but early intervention?), new fears migrate from Halloween to the rest of the year: Fears […]

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Shall we send these folks to prison?

From Consensual Teen Sex to Solitary Confinement. Plus: An Explanation of the “Peter-Meter”

. This week’s New Yorker contains possibly the most devastating article I’ve ever read: Sarah Stillman‘s, “The List,” subtitled, “When juveniles are found guilty of sexual misconduct, the sex-offender registry can be a life sentence.” Stillman calmly details just how shocking and sadistic our sex offender laws are, from arresting tweens who played doctor, to […]

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Why don't we round up all the Jack O Lanterns, too? They molest about as many kids as Registered Sex Offenders on Halloween.

Sex Offenders on Halloween: The Really Scary Part

. From poison candy to prowling predators, we keep confusing Halloween’s “spookiness” with actual dangers to our kids. Having scared ourselves to death, we then insist on making the the day ever more supervised. How far overboard can we go? Here’s a wonderful piece by Anat Rubin at The Marshall Project, titled, “This badddahnta is […]

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